Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics is traditionally taken by students interested in a career in physics research in government or industry, or in college- and university-level teaching and research

B.S. in Physics programme provides a comprehensive foundation in physics to the students with an intensive coverage of the field and prepares them to become Professional Physicists. Starting with introductory mechanics and electromagnetism courses which include both lecture and laboratory components. Then comes the lecture courses in modern physics, advanced classical mechanics, and mathematical physics and computing, as well as laboratory courses in electronics and instrumentation. Students will have lecture courses in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics/thermodynamics, and advanced electricity and magnetism.

Course Scheme

Semester System (Total 8 Semesters)

Course Duration

4 Years (2 Semesters each year)

Major Subjects

• Calculus

• Data Analysis and Presentation

• Mechanics and Heat

• Electricity and Magnetism

• Waves, Optics and Modern Physics

• Computer Techniques in Science and Engineering

• Classical Mechanics

• Circuits and Instrumentation

• Mathematical Methods in Physics

• Electrodynamics

• Quantum Mechanics

• Advanced Physics

• Numerical Computing

• Thermodynamics

• Industrial Physics

• Computer application in Physics