Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics is traditionally taken by students interested in a career in Mathematics

B.S. in Mathematics programme prepares students for employment in the mathematical sciences or for future study. Mathematics degree concentration opportunities combine math study with philosophy, economics, computer science, and math education. Faculty focuses include dynamical systems, number theory, and geometry.  The role of mathematics in the progress of engineering sciences, computer sciences and physics cannot be denied by any mean.

The role of Mathematics is inevitably important in today’s world. Problem solving, thinking logically, and high level quantitative and numerical computational skills are most wanted attributes in most of the organizations. Degree in Mathematics will help students to be highly numerate. They will learn to think clearly and logically, to analyze the situations and to organize accordingly. They will develop very special skills which they can use in devising solutions to complex problems.

Course Scheme

Semester System (Total 8 Semesters)

Course Duration

4 Years (2 Semesters each year)

Major Subjects

• Calculus

• Basic Algebra and Trigonometry

• Business Mathematics & Statistics

• Introduction to Programming

• Calculus And Analytical Geometry

• Discrete Mathematics

• Statistics and Probability

• Elementary Topics in Pure Mathematics

• Physics

• Applied Statistics

• Economics

• Multi-variable Calculus

• Numerical Computing

• Differential Equations

• Linear Algebra

• Fundamentals of Algorithms

• Regression and Correlation Analysis

• Statistical Inference

• Operations Research

• Numerical Analysis

• Vectors and Classical Mechanics

• Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry

• Functional Analysis