The Bachelor Degree in Botany programme is the scientific study of plants; study includes plant function, growth, use, and evolution. Pollution and population explosion pose a severe threat to the environment. Botany is a branch of biological science which deals with the study of plants. It focuses on the scientific study of plants, related microbial organisms, and plant habitats and ecosystem relations. Includes instruction in plant anatomy and structure, photochemistry, cytology, plant genetics, plant morphology and physiology, plant ecology, plant taxonomy and systematics, pale botany, and applications of biophysics and molecular biology.

Scientific disciplines such as agricultural sciences and forestry are based on the basic science of botany. Botany studies the structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases and chemical properties and evolutionary relationships between different groups of plants. It encompasses the study of more than three hundred thousand species of plants ranging from ground-hugging mosses to giant redwood trees.

Course Scheme

Semester System (Total 8 Semesters)

Course Duration

4 Years (2 Semesters each year)

Major Subjects

• Diversity of Invertebrates & Vertebrates

 Fundamentals of Computer System

• Diversity of plants

• Cell Biology and Bio-chemistry

 Plant systematic Anatomy and Development

Pakistan Studies

 Ecology Genetics and evolution

 Fundamentals of Statistics

 Biological Techniques

 Genetics and Plant Evolution

 Physiology and Ecology


 Advances in Anatomy

Economic Botany

 Plant Biochemistry

 Plant Pathology

 Molecular Biology

 Plant Autecology

 Plant Physiology

 Molecular Genetics

 Hormones / Research

 Biotechnology / Research

 Plant Breeding

 Environmental Biology

 Biostatistics and computing