Introduction To HGC

The college started its enlightened journey in July 2011. The project is supported by the children of Late Haji Muhammad Yussouf who work in the UK in senior positions in the fields of Education and Medicine. Hira Girls College is an institution committed to the provision of degree-level education in an altruistic manner.

HGC is a unique institution, which serves as a torchbearer in the field of education. This is a new seat of learning excellence where traditional and modern facilities are merged together. The college is affiliated with the Hira Nation educational Foundation; a national-level ideological and practical educational network, busy promoting healthy activities among students and character building of a new generation. The students at HGC are brought up to reinforce their self-esteem and self-reliance.

HGC shall be a premier institution and bastion of academic excellence. It will become a citadel of our ideological moorings, national integration, and socio-religious values. HGC ought to trigger the human mind to think clearly perceiving the environment and issues confronting human beings, seeking intelligent, viable, and practical solutions, leading to societal development and the overall betterment of the human race.

The campus shall provide an environment for intellectual flourishing, and nurturing fertility of thought and creativity. HGC faculty will focus on preparing our youth to face life’s challenges with honor, confidence, and fortitude through character building and personality grooming. In HGC, merit, justice, honesty, and adherence to moral and social values will prevail along with quality education provision.